How to Save Big at Walmart Without Holiday Deals

A retail blogger shares insider tips and tricks to big savings

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Black Friday looks a lot different this year. Retailers have been rolling out deals all month. But you don’t have to depend on big holiday markdowns to save at Walmart. Retail blogger Kyle James recently revealed a number of tips and tricks to finding lower prices. 

“I went out and researched some insider tips and tricks [so] that you can actually get a lower price at Walmart both online and in-store,” James said.

Tip 1: Crack the Walmart price tag code

“I had an employee tell me about this, and I went out and verified it,” James said. “By knowing the last digit of the price, you can tell if it’s a regular price, [or] sale, and also can tell if it’s going even cheaper!”

A price ending in a “7” is typically the original price. If it ends in a “5” or a “0” it’s the first markdown. A price ending with a “1” is the final markdown price.

Tip 2: Look for clearance deals outside of the clearance section

“This typically works best in the electronics section in your higher-end items,” James said. “A lot of times you’ll see glass cabinets or glass cases in the store … Walmart will stock their clearance items down below the regular price stuff. If you look in there and ask an employee to open it up for you, there’s a bunch of really good clearance down there that nine times out of 10 you’ll walk right past and never notice.”

Tip 3: Find hidden clearance items on as well

James says if you type the word “clearance” into the search bar, a dropdown menu will appear, giving you different categories to shop in, such as “clearance under $10,” “clearance on women’s clothing” and so on, so you can pick what you’re looking for.

Tip 4: Find amazing deals on refurbished items

“So a really cool way to find these deals is to actually go right to the search bar at and type in ‘refurbished,’ and it’s going to bring up all of the products that are refurbished,” James said.

You’ll find up to 50% off items such as TVs, laptops and other electronics. James says these products have the same Walmart return policy and still come with the manufacturer's warranty.

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