How to Get Help With Your Rent or Mortgage

There are a number of financial assistance programs able to provide the funds to keep people in their homes. Here are a few of them.

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Thirty-nine percent of American adults say that they're not current on their rent or mortgage. Help is available on the local and national levels.

Mark McArdle with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said he understands how tough the housing market is.

"For many folks, it's very scary and very confusing, and it's easy to delay action," he said. "But in general, it's always better to reach out for help early and see what your options are."

A number of financial assistance programs work to help keep people in their homes. Here are a few:

Rental Assistance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has an online tool to help renters and landlords apply for payment assistance. The tool connects people to state and local programs currently distributing money.

While the Stay DC program is no longer accepting applications, people may still be eligible for emergency rental assistance listed on the program's website.

Both Maryland and Virginia are accepting applications for rental relief through the state. Fairfax County is also accepting applications. Some of these programs require landlords to complete the application process, so it's recommended that you keep an open line of communication.

Mortgage Assistance

The D.C. Homeowner Assistance Fund pilot program in is available for eligible homeowners in certain ZIP codes.

Both Maryland and Virginia are accepting applications for mortgage relief funds.

Find more information here.

Utility Bills

Get help with utility bills by contacting local Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) offices  or calling the National Energy Assistance Referral Hotline at (866)-674-6327.

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