Hoax COVID-19 Vaccine Phone Calls Causing Confusion

Someone is making phone calls spreading false information about how to get a vaccine

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The St. Mary’s County Health Department is warning residents about phone calls that are making the rounds. They say callers are telling people they can just show up to a vaccination clinic without an appointment. This is not true. There are also reports of robocalls inaccurately notifying people they are eligible to register for a vaccine.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and told News4 they believe the hoax calls are intended to disrupt the process.

No matter where you live, beware of unsolicited phone calls. Be sure to check your state and local health departments’ websites for the latest information on vaccine distribution.

And don’t pay anyone who promises you early access to a vaccine.

If you receive one of these hoax phone calls, be sure to report it to your local health department and police.

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