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Great Green Hope Has Financial Difficulty

Ellwood Thompson's Postpones Opening



    Great Green Hope Has Financial Difficulty
    Flicker/washingtoncanard William Beutler
    Is it here yet? Nope.

    Columbia Heights has been trying to develop its own form of shopping in the District.  They call it DCUSA.   DCUSA took quite a blow today when Ellwood Thompson's Local Market, an organic food store based in Richmond Va., announced that it would not build in the space they leased this year, due to the economic climate.

    “We are disappointed that we can’t move ahead with our plans at this time” stated Rick Hood, owner of the company. “We believe that DCUSA in Columbia Heights is an excellent location choice and are eager to serve this community, which is a perfect fit for our products and philosophy. However, with this delay we are acting prudently to keep our company sound during these difficult times for retailers. We continue to work with DCUSA on a timetable to locate there”.

    There is mixed opinion whether DCUSA will be successful in its quest to become a local shopping mecca. 

    Some people feel it's too close to the likes of Georgetown, while others feel with the recent neighborhood development that it might have a shot.  Either way it doesn't look like we will find out this year.

    Dcist was able to speak directly with the company spokesperson, you can get their take here.