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Protestors Demand End to Foreclosures

Community group protests for a moratorium on foreclosures



    Protestors Demand End to Foreclosures
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    A small group of community activists protest housing auction.

    WASHINGTON -- A small group of protestors brought an auction of foreclosed homes to a stand still in the District today.

    About 100 people with the community group ACORN entered an office in downtown Washington where the homes were being auctioned off and began to chant "Bailout Main Street, not Wall Street!" Many of them also held up signs in English and Spanish reading: "Stop Foreclosures."

    After the group was thrown out of the building, its members continued to protest outside.

    The group was pushing for a moratorium on foreclosures.

    A spokesperson for the group said that with millions of people losing their jobs, something needs to be done to keep people in their homes.