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Sexy CEOs Get Down to Business

Playboy names country's 10 hottest CEOs



    Sexy CEOs Get Down to Business
    Claire Chambers, CEO of lingerie retail company Journelle, is one of America's sexiest CEOs according to Playboy.

    Wall Street may be tanking, but these ladies are enough reason to keep schlepping yourself to work.

    Playboy magazine released its list of the 10 hottest female CEOs across the country this week, naming head honchos at firms that specialize in everything from lingerie to fitness and even pornography -- and they don't take orders from any man.

    Claire Chambers, CEO of lingerie company Journelle, topped the list, as did Flirty Girls Fitness founder Kerry Knee, whose company teaches women how to get in shape with programs like "Hottie Body Boxing.

    Another lingerie boss, Sharen Turney, also earned a spot on the list for heading up Victoria's Secret Megabrand.

    Army vet Teresa Phillips had a past life as a VP at Yahoo!, but she left the tech giant to create Graspr, a how-to video website that landed her on the Playboy list.

    Two other techies -- hotties Rashmi Sinha and Alicia Morga, who head up digital companies -- landed on the list, as did marketing exec Tina Wells, who runs a beauty PR firm.

    Sexy foodies were in the top 10, too -- wine company owner Alyssa Rapp and dairy manufacturing CEO Julie Smolyansky were both honored by Playboy for their sizzling work ethic.

    The most obvious selection? CEO Candida Royalle, who founded adult film company Femme Productions and also wrote the book "How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do."

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