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Apple May Take a Bite Of Twitter: Report

The tech giant is reportedly in talks to buy the social networking site



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    Apple could soon be the proud owners of Twitter, according to a report.

    We wonder how long it'll be until we see an iTweet.

    Tech juggernaut Apple is in talks to buy the rapidly growing social networking site Twitter for a cool $700 million, according to industry insiders.

    Apple may acquire Twitter for $200 million more than fellow social site Facebook offered to buy the Twitter platform, a move that could propel the iPod and iPhone powerhouse into the online market, insiders told Valleywag.

    The two are in the middle of serious negotiations to finalize the deal, which could be announced by June 8 at an Apple conference, a source who was recruited for a senior position at Apple told the tech site.

    The $700 million offer could potentially come as an all-cash buyout -- unlike Facebook's offer, which was a mix of cash and stocks, according to the report.

    Twitter users can already "tweet" -- give updates about their lives of 140 characters or less -- via their iPhones.

    Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher have made Twitter into an online phenomenon and millions of users visit the site daily.