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LA Women Open Revenge-for-Hire Business

For those sick of doing their own dirty work, two Los Angeles women are here to help



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    Seeking revenge? It's for hire in L.A.

    Two women in Los Angeles are cashing in with a business model best served cold: For a fee, they'll get you revenge.

    Alibis & Paybacks opened earlier this year and has, so far, served up revenge 20 times, The Los Angeles Times reported.

    Fees range from $35 to $250, depending how much revenge you'd like to serve. The business and its operatives then plaster scathing fliers all over a victim's neighborhood. Public humiliation accomplished.

    The operation was the brainchild of Adrienne Ferguson and Michelle Duke, the Times reported:

    "People trust us. We're like confidantes," said Duke, 40, who lives with her husband and four children and works at a real estate office when she isn't planning retribution. "Adrienne and I are both good at telling people how to deal with situations they're in."
    "So," added Ferguson, a 38-year-old divorced mother of two, "instead of looking for a new job in this climate, I decided after I got laid off that we'd push this full-fledged."

    Historically, a business like this has led to litigation.

    "I'm going to sue these guys," said owner of C&H Auto Center Mario Dorantes, who was recently targeted by Alibis & Paybacks.

    Dorantes says the allegations posted around his business are false.

    Alibis & Payback say they take care to avoid false accusations, to a point.

    "We never know that for sure, let's be honest. But we try to ask a lot of questions. I'd never want to accuse somebody who is being falsely accused," Duke told the Los Angeles Times. "I've turned away a client. The more questions I asked the more it seemed the story wasn't adding up. If they're wrong, I don't want to be a part of it."

    But let's not forget about the first half of Alibis & Paybacks. As the Los Angeles Times reported:

    Alibis & Paybacks also offers a "lies hotline" service for those who want an excuse to skip work, who need an alibi to give a spouse or who want to break a date "without looking like a flake." The "cuss-out line" service allows one to anonymously tell another person off.

    So, in theory, a cheating husband could use the alibi hotline to fool his wife, and then when he's caught, she can get revenge with the payback half of the business.

    Finally, a business that offers something for everyone.