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Airports to D.C. Hotels: Pay Up to Pick Up

Airports want $2.50 per shuttle trip; hotels say "no way"



    Airports to D.C. Hotels: Pay Up to Pick Up
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    Walking is the new shuttle.

    Airports have been feeling the economic pinch. So now they want hotel shuttles to pay up to pick up, and local hotels say that could cost them almost $50,000 a year.

    But don't kiss your free ride to the hotel goodbye just yet.

    Dozens of hotels are fighting back at a proposed fee for picking up passengers in shuttles at the Washington region's airports.

    The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is seeking a $2.50 fee on each trip that hotel shuttles take to Dulles International and Reagan National airports.

    Airport officials say the fees will help generate cash after the number of passengers using the airports declined last year. They also say the fees would encourage hotels to be more efficient with the service, reducing congestion.

    Area hotels estimate the fees could cost them each as much as $40,000 a year. Many hotels are required by their parent companies to offer free shuttle service, so the new charges could not be directly passed on to passengers.