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UMD Human-Powered Helicopter Triples Flight Time



    UMD Human-Powered Helicopter Triples Flight Time
    UMD School of Engineering

    Students at the University of Maryland have nearly tripled the flight time of their human-powered helicopter.

    The university said pilot and biology student Judy Wexler kept the helicopter in the air for 12.4 seconds, on Wednesday, nearly triple the 4.2 second mark she set in May for the pedal-powered aircraft.

    The school said enhancements to the helicopter's cockpit and transmission were made. Other changes include the addition of LED lights to the landing gear that turn on when the helicopter is off the ground.

    The team is hoping to win the Sikorsky Prize offered by the American Helicopter Society. To win, a human-powered helicopter has to hover for 60 seconds and reach a height of 3 meters, or about 3 yards.

    UMD Human-Powered Helicopter

    [DC] UMD Human-Powered Helicopter
    Engineering students set a record with human-powered helicopter. Video courtesy of UMD School of Engineering.
    (Published Thursday, May 12, 2011)