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AAA Wants College Park Speed Cam Removed



    AAA Wants College Park Speed Cam Removed
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    Maryland speed cameras: this year's hottest Halloween costume!

    A speed camera in College Park, Md., is drawing the ire of The American Automobile Association Mid-Atlantic and the camera's neighbors.

    The camera on Metzerott Road between Adelphi Road and University Boulevard just north of the University of Maryland is one of five in College Park.

    Among the long list of reasons AAA wants the camera removed is that there are two different speed limits posted on that stretch of road with the higher one starting about 200 feet after passing the speed camera.

    "It's 30 miles an hour here, and it's 40 miles per hour right there," said Lon Anderson, AAA spokesman. "That's the kind of thing the state wanted to avoid."

    College Park Speed Cam Controversy

    [DC] College Park Speed Cam Controversy
    AAA Mid-Atlantic says a speed camera set up on Metzerott Road in College Park, Md., is illegal and should be taken down.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011)

    Anderson said the state law allowing for speed cameras targeted work and school zones. There is no construction on this part of Metzerott Road.

    "Yes, there is a University of Maryland building here, but there are no students," Anderson said. "There are no pedestrians here to protect, there are no children here to protect. There are no sidewalks here, and even the grass here is not worn. Clearly, This is not a pedestrian pathway."

    Mint Basknight, who lives just off Metzerott Road, said he received a ticket for going 42 mph making a right turn onto Saint Andrews Place. Basknight said it's impossible to go that fast making the sharp 90-degree turn with an uphill grade.

    "It's very difficult," Basknight said. "I have tried."

    He did get some validation when he contested the ticket in court, but it did little to alleviate his concern that the camera is inaccurate.

    "The judge said in the first place, no one should pay any ticket unless it's 12 miles over the posted speed limit," Basknight said. "And 42 is just 12. And he said it has to be above that."

    Calls and emails seeking comment from the mayor of College Park were not returned.

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