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Bill on Hillary: "We've Reversed Roles"

Former president likes to shop, cook



    Bill on Hillary: "We've Reversed Roles"
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    You can tell a lot about a person from what they scratch out on a pad of paper when they're bored. What might Bill Clinton's scribblings tell us?

    Now that he's no longer the leader of the free world, Bill Clinton's got a lot more time -- to shop.

    The former commander in chief said in a tell-all interview with the New York Times that he's become more domestic since his departure from the White House -- and that Secretary of State wife Hillary and he have "reversed roles" now that she wears the relationship's political pants.

    Bill Clinton is the first former President to also play the part of political spouse -- and since his wife's appointment as Secretary of State, Clinton said he's taken on the relationship roles Hillary used to play.

    “She used to look forward to me coming home from wherever I’ve been,” Clinton told the Times.

    “Now I’m afraid I’ll be second fiddle to whatever world leader she’s just met," he said. "We've reversed roles."

    Unlike the duties she had as a First Lady, Hillary Clinton's job at the White House has seen her travel across the globe, a switch the former President said took some getting used to.

    "The only bad thing about Hillary’s being secretary of state is I can’t always get hold of her," Clinton said.

    "They changed all her phone numbers, and her phone doesn’t work inside the State Department building," he said.

    Clinton, 62, said he has spent his time since he left the White House pushing for global economic aid and community activism, and was recently named the special envoy to Haiti by the United Nations.

    He's also kept busy by picking up gifts for the women in his life.

    "If all of your staff are women and all of your family are women, you just buy what you like and bring them home and then figure out who to give them to," he said.

    The former President said he's always got his wife on his mind when he hits crafts stores or local markets.

    "Hillary likes turquoise," he said, fingering a bracelet for his wife.