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Road Rage Results in Felony Charges

Father claims son was the victim



    Road Rage Results in Felony Charges

    There are new charges in the case of a road rage incident on Interstate 95 near Woodbridge, Va.

    James Bringham, 44, is now charged with attempted second degree murder. He was driving a dump truck that hit a Jaguar being driven by another man Tuesday.

    But Bringham's father says his son was the victim in the case. John Bringham says his son James called him Tuesday night and described what he says happened.

    "He said, all of a sudden this Jaguar pulls up alongside him on the right and points a gun at him. And he said, 'I had no place to go, so I ran him right into the guard rail. Then he shows up to my left and I ran him into the guard rail. And then he got out of the car and started shooting at me and I moved out,'" John Bringham told News4.

    John Bringham says the attempted second degree murder charge against his son is "ridiculous."

    "He was just protecting himself," James Bringham's father said.

    As for the felony charge accusing Bringham of failing to stop at the scene of an accident, his father says," he was ducking and called 911 on his cell phone. They told him to stop. He said, 'I won't stop while there's someone shooting at me. I'll stop when I see police.'"

    Bringham did stop when Virginia Sate police converged on the scene.

    The driver of the Jaguar , 25-year-old Gabriel Poventud is charged with attempted murder, using a firearm and child endangerment. His two-year-old daughter was riding in back at the time. His family has chosen not to speak publicly about the incident.

    Poventud was arrested on the scene. A day later Bringham, the dump truck driver was taken into custody. Now the drivers will face separate trials to determine if each committed the crimes they've been charged with in this case of road rage turned violent.