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Obama "Fit for Duty": Chief White House Doc

He's still trying to stop smoking



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    U.S. President Barack Obama sprints up the steps of Marine One at the National Naval Medical Center Sunday.

    Barack Obama has finished his first medical checkup as president and he's "fit for duty," according to the White House's chief physician.

    The 48-year-old commander in chief had a physical examination on Sunday at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

    According to Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman, who heads the White House medical unit and who conducted the 90-minute exam, the President is still trying to quit smoking (good, per the doctor) and needs to modify his diet to reduce his bad cholesterol. (Does this mean we won't see him at Five Guys or Ben's Chili Bowl anytime soon?)

    But as Kuhlman noted in his public report, "the President is in excellent health" and "all clinical data indicate that he will remain so for the duration of his Presidency," Politico reported.

    Obama is using nicotine replacement therapy -- White House officials did not immediately comment whether that included nicotine gum -- to stop smoking. He also takes a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory for chronic tendinitis in his left leg, which could be the result of his regular basketball playing, as he is left-handed and would use his left leg primarily in taking jump shots, according to the AP.

    The President's LDL cholesterol (aka the "bad cholesterol") is 138, bringing it over the borderline of 130. His total cholesterol level was 209, with an HDL (the good cholesterol) at 62.

    At the time of his last exam, in January 2007, when he was an Illinois senator, Obama's total cholesterol was 173, while his LDL was 96 and HDL, or good cholesterol, was 68. That was considered an excellent report.

    Kuhlman noted that the president, who is 6-feet, 1-inch tall and weighs "179.9 pounds (with shoes and workout attire)," has a very good pulse rate (56) and blood pressure (105 over 62). Obama's vision is 20/20 in both eyes for both distance and near vision.

    The president was told to come back in August 2011 -- after he hits the half-century mark -- for his next checkup and advised to do a follow-up colorectal cancer screening in five years. He was found free of colon cancer during a virtual colonscopy this time around.

    Obama also met with 12 members of the military who were receiving treatment at the medical center for injuries they suffered while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.