Winter Storm Outlook Graphics

Check out some of the graphics that go along with Doug Kammerer's winter weather outlook.

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Cooler water in the equatorial Pacific means La Nina is back and will have a profound influence on our winter weather.
During a typical La Nina, the southern U.S. can expect to see drier-than-normal conditions with the Midwest and Great Lakes regions seeing wetter-than-normal conditions. Our area normally trends slightly below average.
Even though most La Nina winters are warmer than average in the Mid-Atlantic, we will see a few cold outbreaks. Most of those, however, are fairly dry.
We see a low chance of zero to six inches of snow falling, and a low chance of seeing more than 20 inches of snow. There's a medium chance of seeing average to slightly above average snowfall with 13-19 inches falling.
Our official forecast lies in the high range of 7 to 13 inches. There are even some indications that this year could be on the lower end of this number.
This map shows our snowfall forecast for this winter. with 7-13 inches in and around the I-95 corridor. Well south and east of Washington, we are predicting 4-10 inches for the entire winter and to the west, where typically more is seen, we're going 12-18 inches of snow. One thing to watch this year is the possibility of a strong nor'easter which could raise our totals significantly, especially north and west of I-95.
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