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Pop-Up Snake Shocks Driver



    Snake Surprise Shocks Driver

    Large snake slithers out of car's engine compartment and onto Florida man's windshield as he's driving. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016)

    As a native Floridian, Tim Mokwa grew up catching snakes. For him, they were just part of the landscape.

    "We used to catch snakes on purpose and have a contest to see who could catch the most when we were kids. You know, you mow your parents yard and you saw snakes around," Mokwa said.

    But, seeing a snake pop its head up from the hood of your car in rush-hour traffic is a far cry from mowing the lawn. It's not exactly what Mokwa was used to.

    The 37-year-old got the shock of a lifetime Monday evening along US Highway 19 when a six-foot snake began slithering through his engine and up onto the hood of his car.

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