Child Honored For Helping Patient Medics Couldn't

7-year-old boy steps in to help at crash scene

PRINCE GEORGE'S CO., MD -- A 7-year-old boy from Prince George's County received a special honor Monday night for coming to the aid of an accident victim.  He did so when rescue crews were powerless to help.

A man was struck by a car Oct. 31 at the intersection of Walter's Lane and Pennsylvania Avenue in Forestville.  Paramedics soon realized that the victim was hearing impaired.  They tried to communicate with him, but could not.  That's when Isaac Curry stepped in.

The boy told rescue crews that he knew sign language and was willing to help.

Paramedics said Curry was invaluable in helping them assess the man's injuries.

Monday night, Prince George's County Fire Chief Lawrence Sedgwick presented Curry with an award, a tour of the fire station, and a pizza party for him and his family.

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