You’ll Never Leave Hungry Again


New Dynasty:

There are times when you want Chinese food in a traditional-feeling Chinese setting, with ambient lighting and attentive waitstaff. And then there are times you want a place like New Dynasty.

New Dynasty is fast Chinese. The outside of the restaurant screams cheap and greasy, and the neon aquamarine sign and paint hardly suggest five-star dining and Chinese authenticism. There is no waitstaff. You order at the front and wait at a cafeteria-like table for your order to be called. Another dubious sign is the selection of Thai food also available on the menu. But strange menu offerings and lack of fancy decor aside, New Dynasty knows how to dish out some serious Chinese food.

New Dynasty is fast, convenient, cheap, and most importantly, huge. It's everything you look for in Chinese food, amplified. Don't order several entrees thinking one won't be able to satiate your hunger. For around $7, you get a heaping pile of food that knows no end. It's like the A-Rod of Chinese take-out; it's take-out on steroids. One order of food is more than enough to both fill you up and produce leftovers the size of other restaurants' regular entrees.

If you live or work in the area, order New Dynasty for delivery or to go. You avoid what appears to be a decorating team that actively doesn't want people to stick around and eat. If take-out isn't an option, you can always wolf down the huge portions with your eyes closed.

2020 P St. NW, Washington, D.C.

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