You Don't Know Bon Jovi — Yet

"When We Were Beautiful" screening at the Tribeca Film Festival this month

There is, of course, more to Bon Jovi than hair, guitars and New Jersey roots, and a new documentary on the band is trying to pinpoint just what has made the band so sucessful over its 25-year history.

The 75-minute documentary, titled "When We Were Beautiful," will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival as a work in progress.

The film follows the band on their 2008 world tour in support of their 10th album, Lost Highway. Directed by Phil Griffin, it will screen on April 29, April 30 and May 2.

The film threads together band-member interviews with scenes of life on the road.  Griffin weaves together a portrait of how the band has made it through tough times, reached concensus on priorities and stayed on top of the charts during their quarter century together, the festival said.

"It is a film about the peace of Tico (Torres), the complexity of Richie (Sambora), the drive of Jon and the brutal honesty of Dave (Bryan)," Griffin said.

Described as a celebration of the band's career, the film "susses out the secrets behind this legendary band's determined and charismatic leader Jon Bon Jovi and his band members,” the festival said.

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