Yep, We Really Did Get You to Write Haiku

We asked for your cherry blossom haiku, and you responded. What else can we ask you for now? Hmm...

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WASHINGTON - MARCH 31: Cherry blossoms begin their annual blooming season along the Tidal Basin near the Washington Monument March 31, 2010 in Washington, DC. The cherry trees, given by Japan to the United States as a gift 98 years ago, are the center of the Cherry Blossom Festival which runs from March 27 through April 11. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
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Tourists will descend
Disappointed by the rain
I'll laugh and stay home.
-- David Earl

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White-pink petals float
sailors on the breeze are we
cherry blossom ships
-- Audra Hale-Maddox of Fairfax, VA

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Cherry blossom wit,
cannot get enough of it
spring has sprung anew.
-- Elderdad

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Tourists streaming through
the Metro to see blossoms
Spring's here, finally!
-- Matt from Falls Church, Va.

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green white pink reddish
breeze, will they hold? breeze, printemps
a walk ‘round the basin
-- Pamela A. Wynne

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Sweet cherry blossom
your soft petals cover me
like snowflakes in spring.
-- Facebook User

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In my windbreaker
The scenery of D.C.
The color pink sings

Cameras and crowds
Kids point while their mothers smile
Cute moment captured

The Basin brings peace
A peace that blooms beginnings
Sight-seeing must end
-- Jason Evan Barrett
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