Year's-End Listage: 20 Best Reality TV Moments of '08

Fame addicts, evil children, drunken celebrities, and tattoos where the sun don't shine: the year in reality TV

While we're the first to admit that reality TV withers the soul in terrible, awful ways, we could watch almost every clip on Jezebel's 20 Best Reality TV Moments of 2008 (except for the Bobby Brown one - what is it with the Brown-Houstons and their obsession with their own bodily functions?).

It's so hard to pick a favorite: crazy obscenity-shouting Grace Slick wannabe from American Idol? Plastered Corey Haim doing his unintentional Amy Winehouse impression, wondering why people want to send him to rehab? Or simpler pleasures, like the girl from that Girlicious Pussycat Dolls show (we know, that's not the actual name, but we don't care enough to go look it up) claiming she has "a tattoo of cherries on my hoo-ha," and then reaching down to unbutton her fly. Ah, memories.

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