Yay, a Neiman's We Can (Almost) Afford

So those jeans are only HALF a month's rent

What's electric blue, sunny yellow and Swedish all over? Yeah, it's so obviously IKEA we're not even gonna TRY to trick you. And what's even more important than IKEA serving all our (particle-board furniture and lingonberry soda) needs? It's is the fact that spotting IKEA while cruising South on I-95 means it's time to make a hasty exit... to the Potomac Mills outlets.

A new Neiman Marcus Last Call opened Friday at 2700 Potomac Mills Circle in Woodbridge, Va. If you're sick of battling government interns over the last pair of decent pumps at the Marshall's in Crystal City, this might be your next step. Sure, it's still a clearance store, but it's a Neiman Marcus clearance store. That means you can almost afford the True Religion jeans after all. At any rate, you're facing 30-65 percent off original prices.

And since you're already driving all the way to Woodbridge (don't you love how we just automatically plop you into all these situations?), check out the sale that's going on right now at the Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth store in the same spot. Through Sunday, March 8, all men's and women's shoes are 30 percent off. Almost makes the cost of your drive down there worth it. (That is, after the ZipCar, the gas, the IKEA lingonberry soda, etc. But don't think about that right now. Just focus on the shoes.)

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