Wizards Offer Valentine's Day Advice

The Wizards are on the road for Valentine's Day, but we were able to catch up with a few players to get their thoughts on what makes a romantic date.

Roger Mason, whose fiancé is "not big on Valentine’s Day", offered this advice to fans.

“The biggest thing is to know who she is, and don’t do anything generic,” he said. “Do something that makes sense for her. “

Shelvin Mack’s girlfriend has a birthday a few days before Valentine’s Day and told us he was getting a present that covers both celebrations. We teased him about being cheap, but he set us straight.

“It’s not cheap though! I got her a MacBook,” he told us. “That’s not cheap, is it?”

He went on to share his suggestion for a romantic gesture.

“Try to write a letter. Something that’s priceless,” said Mack, with what we think is sage advice. “Don’t send a text, write a letter.”

The Most Romantic Wizard Award goes to Trevor Booker. While he was mum on his plans for this Valentine’s Day (“I can’t be giving away my secrets!”), he did share with us something he did for a previous lucky lady. 

“A couple of years ago, I bought my girl a gift,” he said, clearly proud of this story. “I was in college and I  had a game on the road, so I took the gift, wrapped it and taped it to an alarm. I set the alarm for midnight and stuck it under her bed. While I was gone, she heard the alarm clock and found the gift at midnight.”

We hope the gift was worth the midnight wake-up call.

Least Romantic Wizard goes to Jordan Crawford with this gem.

“I’m the wrong person to talk to about Valentine’s Day,” he said laughing. “I usually get rid of my shorties around now.”

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