Wingless Super Bowl?

Chicken wing shortage causing concern as Super Bowl nears

If chicken wings are on the menu for your Super Bowl party, you may want to call an audible.

The popular game time food is in short supply according to recent reports, even in Buffalo, N.Y., where the city's most famous food is now either hard to find or very expensive.

The shortage is blamed on two unrelated developments: the bankruptcy of Texas-based Pilgrim's Pride, the country's largest supplier of chicken wings, and the growing demand as the big game draws closer.

In western New York, where people eat more wings than chocolate, the shortage has caused a large price increase.  The owner of one Niagara Falls pizzeria told a Buffalo television station that his cost for a 40-pound case of wings has doubled to $85.

Sam Musolino, the owner of Sammy's Pizzeria, added that he is planning a chicken wing boycott for the Monday following the Super Bowl to protest the shortage and is urging owners of other pizza shops to do the same.

There is no word if the cost of celery and carrot sticks or blue cheese dressing has seen a similar increase.

May we suggest Beef on Weck (another Buffalo specialty)?

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