Wine & Food Fest Has Nothing to Do With Snow

Nom in Old Town. Go on, the Metro will (probably) be open again by then.

We're not going to talk about the snow. We're not going to talk about the snow. We're not going to talk about the snow.

Hi, folks! So since we're not going to talk about the snow, let's talk about this weekend. The annual International Wine & Food Festival is coming up, spread over four days, including V-Day. This tasty plethora of food and wine-tastic delights is a superb deal for sampling an array of international treats. 

Beginning on Thursday, Feb. 11, the four-day extravaganza starts with a 7 p.m. kickoff reception at PS7. Co-hosted by Todd Gray of Equinox, as well as Peter Smith of PS7, tickets are a (relative) steal at $50.
Friday, Feb. 12 is the TastePost Wine & Cheese Pairing for $25. The early start time of 5 p.m. may dissuade the serious Type A’s in this town from attending, but the cheaper ticket of $25 should make this event a sellout.
Saturday and Sunday mark the main event at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center. Tickets are $95 for Saturday only, $85 for Sunday only and $160 if you want to go both days. But be prepared for a crush of people. With 150+ wineries pouring 600 domestic and international wines, plus loads of delicious food, this event is always very full. So patience will be a virtue and, if not, drink... drink merrily!
And something new this year. If you volunteer for a full day, you get one day’s admission free. See, who needs to pay $95?
Oh, and see? We didn't talk about the snow! Not once.
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