Will Smith ‘Nervous' About Love Scenes With Rosario Dawson

Will Smith may be one movie’s biggest stars, but the actor had a little stage fright when it came time to film his love scene with “Seven Pounds” co-star Rosario Dawson.

“Here is the guy who was pushing our kiss to like the end and the end and the end of the schedule,” Rosario told Access Hollywood’sShaun Robinson. “So the point was like, ‘OK, I know I don’t smell bad… I know I brushed my teeth…I did the deodorant!’”


When Rosario figured out that it was not her hygiene getting in the way, and actually Will’s nerves about filming his first love scene with someone other than wife Jada Pinkett Smith, the actress offered Will some words of encouragement.

“You are just nervous. You’re nervous about kissing me. Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle,” she said recounting her conversation with Will prior to filming the intimate scene.

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And she revealed that Will brought along some support during filming.

“He wanted Jada to be on set,” Rosario told Shaun. “And she was letting him know, ‘Baby you really need to bring it! Don’t embarrass me.’ So, she was on my side on this one.”

Despite the scene’s intimate nature, Rosario said Jada was still very supportive.


“There was lot’s of tongue,” she said of her kiss with Will. “I mean, I got permission from Jada, I got permission from Jada!”

Will, on the other hand, told Shaun that his co-star has a vivid imagination when it came to recounting the filming of their love scene.

”[Rosario has] been making stuff up,” Will said with a laugh. “[She] is a actress.”

Shaun pressed Will, asking him to confirm if he requested to have Jada present.

“That’s a lie. All right, that’s a little bit true,” Will confessed. “I like being respectful… [The scene was] a lot like being in a bed and she is naked and you don’t want to accidentally… you know.”

Will said it wasn’t his nerves, but his manners that got in the way.

“I wasn’t scared. I was trying to be respectful,” he continued. “I told Jada, ‘I feel a little uncomfortable,’ and she was like, ‘Boy, listen!’ She was like, ‘Don’t you embarrass me! You better get on that screen and show them what you are working with!’”

“Seven Pounds” opens on December 19.

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