Will Schwarzenegger Be Back For ‘Terminator Salvation'?

While fielding questions from both the press and fans at New York Comic-Con on Saturday, “Terminator Salvation” director McG was asked if Arnold Schwarzenegger would appear in the latest chapter of the franchise that made him famous for the line “I’ll be back.”

“We’re trying to create a visual effect and write code that’s never been written before to address this very question,” said McG.

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However, he was clear on one thing.

“I don’t want today’s Arnold Schwarzenegger,” McG added.

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If Arnold’s T-800 Terminator model is to appear in the new film, McG acknowledged that the passage of time would be an issue since the android would indeed need to look like Arnold — Arnold from 1984 that is.

“The T-800s as we know them look like Arnold. The T-800 plays a big role in this movie. And I can’t quite tell just how we express that, but I will tell you the following — I think when you make a ‘Terminator’ movie, it’s the responsibility of our team, all of us together, to push visual effects forward,” the director continued.

McG seemed determined not to shortchange fans and deliver a seamless bridge between the character in two different timelines. While Terminator androids may not age, the actors who portray them do.

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“It is not clear if we will be successful or not,” he speculated. “So we are working very diligently. I‘m going up to [Industrial Light & Magic] in San Francisco soon to address this very nature… We’ll see what we can do about that.”

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