The Search for a Church Continues

Obamas try D.C. church on for size

President-elect Obama and his family have been looking for a church to regularly worship at in D.C.  This Sunday, they visited 19th Street Baptist Church.

Reuters reported that the First Family sat together in the second row from the front of the church. After the family was seated, Sasha was able to snap a quick photo of Malia before the First Mother-in-Law confiscated the camera.

Will the historic African-American congregation be the First Family's church home?

A spokesman for the Church said the Obamas are still learning about the many churches in the District and will choose a church home at a time that is best for their family.

Some factors that could fall in 19th Street Baptist's favor:

    • The church has a reputation as a warm and welcoming congregation, and is known for its choir and performing arts ministries
    • Dr. Derrick Harkins, the fourteenth pastor of the church, sits on several civic and charitable boards, and is active in his community and across the world, leading congregations as far away as Rwanda; like Obama, he also has two daughters
    • Organized in 1839, 19th Street Baptist has been at the center of Washington's community and social life for more than a century

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