Why Cougars Crave Glambert

SAN DIEGO -- He’s in his 20’s. He wears nail polish and guyliner. He has just announced to the entire world that he’s gay. So why are women – particularly older women - still swooning for American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert?

That’s the topic of a Newsweek investigative report. Seriously, it’s labeled "investigative."

“What's really surprising: I can't stop thinking about him. And neither can any of my cougar-aged friends. We love Adam, truly, madly, deeply, in a kind of weirdly Mrs. Robinson sexual way,” writes Newsweek blogger Sarah Ball.


Is it his Elvis persona? The “Ring of Fire” cover? Ball goes on to blame biology. Something about square jaws and deep brows. Whatever.

Talk with most women and you’ll discover we’ve all had a mini crush on a gay guy. Let’s face it, they are nice, funny, interesting, hot, skip desserts to keep that six pack and they love what we talk about – gossip, clothes and fashion. They actually WATCH our favorite TV shows and movies. When is the last time you sent your wife or girlfriend an IM about what happened last night on the Jersey Housewives? Now you see what we mean.

Add in the leather and lack of inhibition that Adam Lambert brings to the picture and you hit the jackpot….er, at least that’s what Ball says.

Personally, we love Glambert. He’s local boy done good. He’s talented, happy and successful. Let’s not overthink it too much. Just chalk it up to wanting something you can’t have and we’ll leave it at that.

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