Whoops, Here It Is

While some wouldn't call the bite-sized dessert intimidating, McKee Floyd says cupcakes can be just that.

Floyd, the local entrepreneur who recently left her "dream job" on Capitol Hill, is now pursuing another dream: opening a whoopie pie bakery.

Since leaving Capitol Hill in March 2010, Floyd has trained with two very well-known D.C. eateries -- Sweetgreen and Cakelove -- where she learned about both business and baking.

It was during these past four months that the fluffy cream smeared between those two moist cake halves started to create quite the buzz around the city. But that's not where the goodness of the "whoops," as Floyd calls them, stops.

With the opening of a city bakery next spring, Floyd intends to create Washington’s very first whoopie pie bar. She describes this as a place where customers can select cake and icing flavors, as well as their very own mix-ins -- fruit, candy, or even bacon.

Yes, bacon.

Cake and icing are not the only things Floyd plans on mixing up in her new bakery. Her ideal vision is a bakery where customers can find their sweet treat; a dash of her modern twist is the perfect blend to the nostalgia of the New England tradition.

While the location is yet to be decided, Whoops! should be opening next spring. Until then, those awaiting the next sweet trend can follow on Twitter @WhoopsBakeshop or check out the Sweetgreen blog or Metrocurean for more details.

And while the store may not be open, Floyd's creations are currently available for orders of 100 or more.

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