Whoopi Goldberg Defends Christian Bale Over ‘Terminator' Set Rant

Several celebrities, including Whoopi Goldberg, have leapt to the defense of Christian Bale after a recording of the actor lashing out and swearing at “Terminator Salvation” Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut, surfaced on the internet on Monday.

During the Hot Topics debate on Tuesday’s “The View,” Goldberg, who has starred in a host of big screen movies including “Ghost” and “Sister Act,” said interruptions on set – like the one Bale accused Hurlbut of in the recording, are difficult for an actor.

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“We don’t know if this [incident happened] at the end of the day, we don’t know how many hours [he had] been working,” “The View” moderator said. “It’s tough. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I too have gone off on people, because if you’re a professional, you know what you’re not supposed to do.”

It appears from listening to the audiotape, first posted on TMZ on Monday, Bale grew angry after Hurlbut walked within his frame of view during filming, for a second time.


During the exchange, which reportedly was recorded in July 2008, days before Bale began promoting “The Dark Knight” in London (where he was arrested on allegation of assault), the actor is heard reacting angrily toward the DP.

“I’m gonna f***ing kick your f***ing ass,” Bale is heard saying on the tape as a commotion starts up and a host of unknown parties sound as if they are attempting to calm the actor down by calling him by his first name.

“I’m gonna, do you want me to go and trash your lights?” Bale continues with a raised voice. “Do you want me to go and trash them? Then why are you trashing my scene?”

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After hearing the tape, “The View” co-panelist Joy Behar suggested that Bale’s rant was out of order.

“This is not, no one is on an operating table getting brain surgery,” she said. “This is show business.”

But Goldberg said that actors are often intense on set because they are practicing their craft.

“But it’s your art. It’s your art form,” she replied.

“If I have to jump out of character to tell you something you should know?” Goldberg later continued. “You’re in a zone and it’s crazy.”

Also supporting Bale was actor Terry Crews, who starred alongside the star in 2005’s “Harsh Times.”

“I’d get mad too if I was the number one star in the world and people started to mess with me,” Crews told Hollyscoop. “ He is a class act. He is one of the greatest actors ever. You can catch anyone on a bad day.”

Crews also suggested that the incident may have happened because Bale is such a devoted actor on set.

“I’m vouching for him,” Crews added. “ I know he’s a nice guy. I know he’s all about his work. He’s one of the greatest actors out there.”

According to a source close to the film who spoke to Access Hollywood, despite the incident, “Terminator Salvation” wrapped up and no one was fired. The actor and Hurlbut have also made up and all is well with them, the source added.

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