Who Would Accept Golden Globe on Ledger's Behalf?

Should he win, will his dad, or maybe Michelle, be there to accept?

Now that we've got past the snubs and come to grips with Tom Cruise's bizarre Best Supporting Actor nomination, we can get on to the business of gossiping like schoolgirls about who will accept the Golden Globe on Heath Ledger's behalf should he win. Monday's "Rush & Molloy" column outlines some of the infighting going on in Ledger's camp, where debates have broken out about whether Kim Ledger (Heath's dad) or Michelle Williams should start prepping an acceptance speech for the very likely scenario of a posthumous Ledger win. The precedent for this incredibly rare situation was set back in 1976, when Eletha Finch accepted an Academy Award for Best Actor on her late husband Peter's behalf, but matters are considerably more complicated this time around seeing as how Williams and Ledger were estranged at the time of his death. But while we don't really have a vested interest in supporting one of the two most likely candidates over the other, Vulture would like to throw Jack Nicholson's name in the ring for consideration. Not only would the always affable elder Hollywood statesman be able to lighten what would likely be a total downer moment, but with the Golden Globes' very liberal policy on alcohol consumption, there's a very good chance he'd be tipsy while doing so.

Jousting over who'll accept if Heath Ledger wins Golden Globe [NYDN]

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