Ex-White House Aide: Relationship With Clinton “Scary” and “Complicated”

Author Stacy Parker Aab
Janet Donovan

Former Clinton White House aide Stacy Parker Aab revealed last night that she spent a long time grappling with the decision to include details about an uncomfortable moment with the ex president in her new book.

“I write about a scene with President Clinton -- a hug that lasts too long -- that took place on the POTUS suite balcony at the Okinawa G8," Aab said during a discussion of her book to a mostly female crowd at her alma mater George Washington University Wednesday night.

"The scene should be laughable, something you write off as an awkward moment," she said, "but the problem was that he was the President of the United States. “

In her book "Government Girl," the Huffington Post columnist describes the White House as a "hothouse" and also details her life as a young woman whose career went on to include stints interning for "Good Morning America" host George Stephanopoulos and assisting now-political commentator Paul Begala.

“I spent a good year deciding whether or not to include the scene in the book," she said. "Imagine spending the rest of your life known as the 'hug girl.' In the end, I felt that if I was going to tell my story, I wanted to talk honestly about how scary and complicated it can be to be on the receiving end of a powerful man’s attention.”

Still, the scribe said she'd do it all over again.

"I'd recommend for all," she said.

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