OMG! White House Links Up With Facebook, Twitter

The White House is joining the popular social network sites of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

On Friday, the White House added the features to its main webpage

The sites contain information about combatting swine flu and will be updated with information on other topics. White House new media director Macon Phillips said the administration will not be able to reply individually to people who send messages via Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

But, he said, "people who join these groups can speak to one another, and we can see what they're saying."

The 2.0-push is part of President Barack Obama's call to "reach beyond the halls of government" to engage the public:

"Technology has profoundly impacted how -- and where -- we all consume information and communicate with one another. is an important part of the Administration's effort to use the Internet to reach the public quickly and effectively -- but it isn’t the only place."

Phillips said Obama has a separate Facebook profile that will continue to be maintained by the Democratic National Committee.

And of course, don't forget about these:

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