White House Has an App for That

The White House phone app has arrived.

OK, it is officially the future: Even the White House has its own iPhone and Android apps.

Never one to shun technological advancements, the government has tapped their app with an updating blog tab, revealing facts and opinions on the latest political scoop. It also features video and photo tabs with the latest governmental multimedia content. Videos range from presidential press briefings to a form to submit questions for interactive talk shows.

Finally, perhaps the most practical use for the app is the newsroom tab, which updates you on the latest presidential and legislative developments and enactments.

Wondering why that sounds so familiar? It’s probably because the app is nothing more than a mobile-friendly version of their official website.

To be honest, one has to wonder why we can’t just search the website for this info, but if anything, it’s a cool thing to mention to your friends: “Oh, you’ve got political problem X? Let me just consult the WHITE HOUSE APP ON MY PHONE.”


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