What's Ahead For Fall Fashion

With the recent warm temperatures in the D.C. area, it’s hard to believe that it’s time to transition into a fall/winter wardrobe. With all the different trends changing constantly, it’s hard to decipher what’s “in” and what’s “out.” Well, we’ve got the fall fashion rundown right here.

We have been seeing skinny jeans everywhere and they were still seen on the catwalks at New York Fashion Week. However, their time is slowly fading. In their place will be not a tight or skinny fit but one that lies somewhere right in the middle. The rhinestones and embroidered details on the pockets of jeans that were popular recently have completely vanished. Jeans this fall are surprisingly demure with little detail on the pockets.

A menswear look for females is an important theme for fall, but with a much more feminine fit then previous trends. Loose blousy tops are paired with high-waisted pencil skirts. If something is tight on top, it should be paired with a loose bottom and vice versa. Tailored trousers are another staple for this trend. The good thing about tailored trousers is that they never go out of style. We have been seeing the high- waisted belt, but now the pant and skirts are rising up on the waist also. Mini skirts are being replaced with high waisted, knee-length skirts.

Trapeze dresses are another must-have this season. If you don’t know what a trapeze dress is they are dresses that have a tighter fit on top but become looser around the hip area. Many of the fall trapeze dresses have a ‘20s flapper feel. During summer, they were worn as mini-dresses, but the fall version is a longer length falling at the knee or slightly below.

Leather jackets are back but on the runways they were more interesting than the basic black. Leather jackets were all sorts of different colors and some had a quilted texture. Brown was a popular color for fall’s leather.

Sequins have been seen everywhere but be careful not to overload. Sequins look best when used minimally (they can make you appear larger than you are.) Accessories or small clutches are a good way to wear sequins if you are weary of wearing them on clothing.

Important colors this season are gray, purple and green while metallics are making a big comeback but in darker colors such as deep blues and grays opposed to the normal silver.

We saw houndstooth and plaid last winter and they are here to stay this season.

As for shoes, ankle boots paired with knee length skirts are a good option. Pumps in unexpected colors, or metallic materials are going to be very popular this fall.

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