What You're Doing on Memorial Day

Monday's full of intro-to-summer fun

If you wake up with ringing in your ears on Monday, it means we convinced you to attend the weekend's two eardrum-shattering events: Rolling Thunder and the National Memorial Day Concert, both on Sunday.

But forget about those pesky ear problems for now and focus on Memorial Day Monday: the bonus day. The weather report looks promising (fingers crossed), so we planned a day in the outdoors filled with stops at parades, festivals and memorials, and included a few dining suggestions on restaurant patios and terraces, too.

Start the holiday off right with brunch on the outdoor patio of Belga Café. Nosh on delectable Belgian waffles and sip a mimosa (or two) while planning the afternoon's activities. If you're a passionate patriot, head toward The Mall to catch the start of the National Memorial Day Parade. But if it's jazz that toots your horn (no pun intended, we swear), skip the next paragraph and drop by the annual Memorial Day Jazz Festival.

Although following the parade's 10-block trek will only burn off one bite of that waffle, it will take you to the perfect spot for some Memorial Day reflection: the Constitution Gardens. Spend some time visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and National World War II Memorial, which have wreath-laying ceremonies over the weekend.

Jazz lovers can enjoy the mix of swing, big band, and contemporary jazz music while lounging on the lawn of the Fort Ward Park in Arlington. The festival runs all day, so make sure to pack a jazz-friendly picnic basket full of wine and cheese.

For dinner, head up to Adams Morgan and enjoy a warm evening (we hope) on the rooftop terrace of Perry's. Happy hour tapas and sushi are only $5; a cocktail will only set you back $4. And if you're one unfazed by the specter of work on Tuesday morning, head a block southeast to the outdoor deck at Bourbon for a drink of top-shelf, well, you can guess.

Don't miss a thing this weekend. Check out a full run-down of Memorial Day activities.

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