What Will She Wear to the Ball?

Forget about the new president; let's talk about Michelle Obama's dress

So how about that Michelle Obama, hmm? Everybody knows that she is a fancy Ivy League-educated lawyer who would probably make an equally good president as her husband. But one little-known and seldom discussed fact is that Mrs. Obama is a very snappy dresser who will probably wear something completely awesome to the Inaugural Ball tonight.

She started off the day with a bang, wearing some crazy brocade deal in a tricky shade of yellow that would make most mortal women look queasy, or dead. How will she top that outfit tonight? Speculation has run rampant for weeks.

The folks over at The Daily Beast thought a gown made of scraps of Laura Bush's 2005 Inaugural Ball dress, an American flag, burlap sacks, and $10 worth of assorted trims was in order. But Michelle Obama tends not to favor Mrs. Bush's pale blues, so that's probably a no go.

Other outlets predict she'll go with her old standby, Chicago local Maria Pinto. Pinto is the designer who came up with that weird Aztec-meets-Chico's teal thing that Mrs. Obama wore to deliver her speech at the Democratic National Convention. But she also did that rock-n-roll outfit for Barack Obama's primary victory speech in St. Paul, so who knows!

Mrs. Obama could decide to play it safe and go with Oscar de la Renta, who designs all the boring First Lady dresses. Or she could act in accordance with our newly ascetic and somber times and just get something from J. Crew, like...hmm. Like uh maybe this sedate champagne-colored dress for dowdy brides? Why not!

Tomorrow morning, the world will wake up and breathe a sigh of relief, not because a new American president was sworn in, but because they will finally know what Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural ball.

Sara K. Smith writes for the acclaimed fashion web site Wonkette.

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