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There's a career in law enforcement to suit every personality. Answer the questions below to find the one that's right for you!

Q: Would you rather:

a) work with high-tech gadgets

b) work with your hands

The clock is ticking as you wipe sweat from your brow. Hundreds of lives depend on your ability to disarm a sophisticated explosive device. If you answered “a," that could be a description of your average day on the job as a bomb technician. If you answered “b,” the role of corrections officer might be more suitable. Working in environments where inmates can outnumber officers 30:1, you'd rely on the strength of your own skills to defuse tension and mediate conflict.

Q: Are you more comfortable being:

a) the center of attention

b) behind the scenes

While bomb technicians are accustomed to working in the spotlight, those who  prefer backstage roles might thrive in undercover surveillance. This law enforcement role could be a match for those who are self-motivated, observant and, above all, patient. Gathering information without being seen could mean waiting for hours—or even days—on end without so much as a bathroom break.

Q: Would you rather be:

a) in a partnership or

b) on a team?

Most co-workers spend nine hours together and then go home. But K9 dogs and their human handlers live, work and play as a pair, 24/7. If you thrive in a unit of two and enjoy a variety of work, from search and rescue to explosive detection, consider a job as a K9 officer. Prefer a bigger group? If you answered "b," consider the thrilling role of Special Weapons and Tactics officer. You'd join other officers to form a SWAT team, an elite group of experts who work cohesively in the most volatile and dangerous situations.

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