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We'd like to welcome one of our favorite D.C. blogs into the mix.  If you haven't checked out Dan Silverman's Prince of Petworth blog yet, you're missing some good stuff.  Dan and his trusty camera travel all over our fine city to find some of the best pictures and most interesting stories out there.  The PoP will be giving us occasional looks at what he spots on his journeys.  Dan, take it away!

This week we took a look at Crispus Attucks Park in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. 

It's a well-hidden gem of a park located via the alley between 1st Street and North Capitol and V St and U St. And it is awesome!  Check out the pic below and click here for more.


And we learned that Teddy Folkman would become the new executive chef at the Capitol Lounge in Capitol Hill. If you didn't know, he was a finalist of Food Network’s The Next Food Network Star and is co-owner/executive chef of Granville Moore’s.


After readers spotted this car we discussed if anyone lived in a house with ghosts:


The picture generated a lot of comments, like this one from DC’s most prolific commenter monkeyrotica:  "I lived with a couple guys who vanished whenever it came time to do chores. Does that count?  My beers and Doritos would also mysteriously disappear. It was creepy."

Anyway ... we also discussed the architecture of the soon-to-be torn down Third Church of Christ, Scientist:


While the building was designated a historic landmark in 2007, the current congregation thinks it's just plain ugly and scares away worshipers. However, there were a surprising number of supporters of this “brutalist” style. Commenter “monroe” says, “Sure its not one of the ONLY brutalist style buildings in DC. There are lots of huge government office buildings in this style. But it is one of the only GOOD brutalist buildings in DC. That’s why it should be saved. I mean look at the thing! It is not “just another” building of the same style.” Read the rest of the post to see the full debate.

We learned that Chipotle had signed a lease to come to Columbia Heights. Build out is expected to take 3-4 months and, sadly, this location will not be serving beer or wine. Oddly, it sparked an interesting debate on the origin of the burrito.


We learned a new coffee house, Mid City Caffe will be opening up near Logan Circle on 14th Street (above Miss Pixie’s) on June 14th. Some commenters were concerned that it will be difficult to have a successful coffee shop not located on the ground floor. Others were concerned that the proposed 7 a.m. opening may not be early enough for some.


A reader spotted a solar operated car in Columbia Heights. Most people wondered how you were actually supposed to get in it!


Finally we discussed why their were so many lost dogs lately. Many speculated that there weren’t so many lost dogs, rather folks just aren’t taking down their signs after the dog has been found.

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