Weatherman’s Bad Forecast Leads to Sock Avec Old Bay

Mmmm, Old Bay


First there was the "Cheating Hubby With Sign" radio station stunt. Now this.

On Friday, FOX 5 meteorologist Tony Perkins promised no rain over the Labor Day weekend or else he'd eat it -- one of his socks, that is. His forecast didn't quite cut it, so this morning, Perkins had one of his socks brought out to him on set, on a plate. Cut up into pieces.

The sock was apparently one of a pair that he'd washed and brought from home. (But used nonetheless, as DCist reports.) With a liberal sprinkling of Old Bay, it was bombs away.

Afterwards, Perkins promised good weather for this upcoming weekend too, or he will be finishing off the other sock in the pair.

Maybe we'll just stick with NBC's Bob Ryan and Chuck Bell.

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