We Know of Your Secret Flip-Cup Powers

Flip it. Flip it good.

You probably learned a lot of things in college you'll never use again. Like calculus. And how to share a bathroom with 22 other people.

But flip cup: Now there's a true life skill.

Bring your specially formulated combination of dexterity and alcohol tolerance to the All or Nothing Flip Cup Tournament at McFadden's (2401 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.) on Saturday, Aug. 15 from 1:30 to 6 p.m.

You know, if you don't mind fighting Hill interns for elbow space.

Grand prize is six tickets to the Chase Beer Bus trip to Atlantic City on Saturday, Sept. 19. The package includes all-you-can-drink beer to and from Atlantic City plus $30 in casino vouchers at the Hilton casino, valued at $250. Um ... isn't that like having a pie-eating contest where the prize is more pie? Then again, everyone likes pie (and/or beer).

Registration is $100 per team/$18 individual in advance, or $125 per team/$20 individual after Aug. 11 or at the doors. You can register here.

That pesky carpal tunnel syndrome keepin' you down? S'OK -- a $5 spectator donation entitles you to specials beginning at 1:30 p.m. without having to participate in the Very Important Tourney. Drink specials include $2 domestic drafts (Bud light/Miller light/Yuengling) and $3 rail drinks.

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