We Have Crabs

Just thought we should let you know

With soft-shelled crab season just around the corner, we know you'll soon be searching for the most crab-tastic dishes. And no, there isn't an iPhone app for that.

So instead, we thought we'd give you a little preview of where you can expect to find the best soft-shell crab in the DC area. Because honestly, driving to Baltimore for a crabcake just isn’t realistic anymore. Remember, we're in a recession.

Proof (775 G St. NW) offers fried soft-shell crab from the coasts of North Carolina, for those who just can't wait another week for the (better) Maryland crabs.

If you don't mind the lines, wait for a table at Hank's Oyster Bar (1624 Q St. NW) and dig into their delectable soft-shell crab specials.

Sushiko (2309 Wisconsin Ave., NW) serves a soft-shell crab tempura for those craving something fried. (Oh wait, that's all of us.)

The sautéed soft-shell crabs at Johnny's Half Shell (400 N. Capitol St. NW) are simply seasoned, but they pack a big punch, flavor-wise.

Oceanaire Seafood Room (1201 F St. NW) is an upscale venue for people who like to wear their fancy pants for crab consumption.

And if you're a real go-getter, head to BlackSalt Fish Market and Restaurant (4883 MacArthur Blvd. NW) or Maine Avenue Fish Market (1100 Maine Ave. SW), pick up some soft-shell crab, and do whatever you like to them in the privacy of your own kitchen. We don't want to know.

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