Washington Area Restaurants Set to Go Green

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Just about everything’s going green lately. Now you can count your favorite local restaurants among the list of public places set to become more environmentally friendly.

More than 100 restaurants and dining services in the metro area are set to go green over the next two years, said Michael Oshman, head of the Green Restaurant Association.

Dining services at the Kennedy Center and the U.S. House of Representative are among the 111 spots working with the organization to use efficient cookware and lighting to save energy and encourage recycling.

“If we’ve done our job well, you will notice nothing,” said Oshman.

The program is in its initial stages, according to a spokeswoman for Restaurant Associates, the service contractor working with the Green Restaurant Associate to earn Certified Green Restaurant seals by 2011.

Officials expect the changes will also help businesses save money.

“There's so much opportunity for water conservation, waste reduction, recycling -- you have the potential to save a little or a lot," Oshman said. "Some restaurants save $400 a month in waste bills, which ends up being $5,000 a year.”

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