CBS Hosts A-List Anniversary Bash for “Unplugged”

Dannia Hakki Annie Groer and Tara Palmeri
Janet Donovan

CBS' Washington bureau threw a cocktail party at the Crowne Plaza hotel last night to celebrate the first anniversary of its daily webcast "Washington Unplugged."

Among those not plugged into the festivities: original "Unplugged" host Bob Schieffer.

“He’s on vacation,” said CBS producer and event host Christine Delargy.

Schieffer did provide us with this tidbit in advance: "What's great about 'Washington Unplugged' is that it gives us a place to report those little stories, the delicious little nuggets of news that there is no room for on television.”

What started as a weekly political webcast expanded into a daily, with a rotating set of hosts that include news political analyst John Dickerson.

“I do Mondays and Thursdays,” he said.  “We can do whatever subject matter we want: foreign policy, domestic policy, books, movies.  Since we interview so many politicians, I found interviewing Woody Harrelson and then Ludacris about his foundation to be interesting.”

Others, too, say they're plugged into the scene.

"I don't want to be unplugged," former Hardball producer Tammy Haddad said. "It's an interesting phenomena because the idea is that you get it real, that's the idea of unplugged. I grew up real, from Pittsburgh, so I am proud and happy to be plugged in and working the Web."

And some said they'd rather stay off the grid.

“I’m totally unplugged, I love unplugged,” said CBS White House Correspondent Bill Plante. “They let me do the show from time to time.”

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