Want to Own an H Street ‘H'?

Today's message brought to you by the letter H

Today's message is brought to you by the letter H.

The letter-shaped pastel planters lining (what else?) H Street in Northeast need new homes!

The temporary art installation by D.C. Greenworks is coming to a close, reports Frozen Tropics. Two dozen D.C. youth built and painted 40 of the planters last summer to brighten up a long-neglected stretch of the corridor, but now new trees will be planted in those spaces. OK, new trees are technically more green than planters, we'll give them that.

But won't someone please think of the planters?!

Oh wait, they have. Whether you're looking for yard art or a really unusual-looking TV stand, you could own a piece of "H"istory. The planters come in blue, orange, yellow, pink and purple, for a minimum donation of $200 to D.C. Greenworks. If you've just gotta get your hands on an H, contact Ashley Hanna of D.C. Greenworks at (202) 518-6195 or e-mail ashley@dcgreenworks.org.

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