Want This: The New Nike+ Sportband

Nike+ Sportband, Pear Tote, Skull Cufflinks

LESS IS PLUS: The new Nike+ Sportband keeps the iPod out of the equation. Whereas the original Nike+ linked shoes to an iPod Nano to track your pace, distance, time and calories burned, the wristband works directly with your shoes, which is great considering you won't have to sacrifice song space on the teensy Nano. The Sportband comes with the Nike+ sensor that fits inside compatible Nike running shoes. (Don't have the shoes? Read tips on attaching the sensor to the outside of your kicks.) Buy the waterproof band in yellow or pink for $59.

PEAR WITH IT: This bright pink tote is fresh enough we'd be willing to nibble on it, just a little. Orla Kiely's laminated canvas bag ($178) is 13" x 21" x 5", big enough to hold a netbook or your heels if you're one of those folks who just needs to walk to work in flip-flops. Available at Tabletop (1608 20th St. N.W.).

OUTTA YOUR SKULL: Add a bit of badass to your business attire with Ukiyo Skull Cufflinks ($20). The white Ukiyo5 skull has a set of "awooga!" heart-shaped eyes on a red embroidered background. The design is inlayed into silver-toned cufflinks. Just a tip, though: Don't wear these to the Hill or to court (especially if you're the defendant).

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