Want This: Bacon in a Tube

Squeez Bacon, Silver Pearl Bracelet, Sale Sneaks

ACHIN' FOR BACON: Broke cardiologists everywhere are rejoicing, because Squeez Bacon™ is now available in the United States. Sure, it comes out of a squeeze bottle, but honest, it's real bacon -- just precooked and specially blended into a liquid-ish form. Each tube contains the tasty equivalent of 64 slices of bacon. It has a shelf life of 12 years -- but after eating this, we'd be impressed if our arteries made it that long.

CHERUBS R US: Tarina Tarantino's normal fare is somewhere between a Hello Kitty explosion and earrings embossed with Abraham Lincoln daguerreotypes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But this silver pearl cherub bracelet ($63) is a little more subtle without losing any of Tarantino's usual charm. Glass pearls, a black lucite star and bow, and of course that vital cherub add just enough interest to get us looking and looking -- and looking again.

SNEAK AROUND: The devil may wear Prada, but that doesn't mean you can't. Dudes are in luck, 'cause these men's Prada Mid-Top Sneakers (now $200.33; were $430) are about as affordable as they're ever gonna get. Abobe-brown leather is brightened up with a silver slash. Get 'em at Barneys Co-Op (3040 M St. N.W.) or online.

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