Just Meat It

Sausage rugs exist, for some reason we don't understand

FOOD FOR NAUGHT: What's a cozy hipster room without a hamburger phone, Spam poster or some other reference to processed meat products? Now presenting: Sausage Rugs, a line of deli-inspired, 100% New Zealand wool floor coverings that look like, well, meat. Choose from sausage, blutwurst, mortadella or salami. Choose from two sizes, a 100-cm diameter for 249 Euros (about $353 U.S.), or the 150-cm diameter for 559 Euros (about $793 U.S.). The price tag is steep, but these rugs are actually hand-tufted to order -- although we really wonder what the textile workers think they're doing, exactly.

IMPRACTICAL MAGIC: No, there is no practical reason you would ever, EVER need the Aries Bootie Sandal (now $69.95; was $128) from Free People. But that so-called "reason" never stopped us from buying all sorts of other pointless stuff we love anyway. Your tootsies are exposed to gentle summer breezes while your ankles can suffer in metallics for the sake of fashion. Choose from copper flash leather, brown suede or black suede.

SMELLS LIKE COLLEGE SPIRIT: We are terrified of Eau de LSU -- goes all the way back to those horrendous college tours of the '90s. (Uh, we mean, five years ago. Yeah.) And yet! Masik Collegiate Fragrances has created scents inspired by several colleges, including Penn State, LSU and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The scents are based on school colors, local greenery and surrounding towns. Several more are coming soon, including U of Florida and Auburn. Men's and women's varieties are $60 each. Meanwhile, all we remember smelling during our college days was burned Ramen.

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