Waitress Nets $1,000 Tip for the Holidays

Customers lined up outside Richard Walker’s Pancake House on Front Street in Downtown San Diego Tuesday. The restaurant is busy with the holiday and the Poinsettia Bowl crowds in town.

Inside, the buzz isn’t just about the holidays, the game or the food. One of the employees is the center of attention because she’s carrying around $1,000 in cash – a tip from a customer.

When Julie Jones arrived to work, the restaurant owner, Richard Walker,  told her a customer wanted to give her a special tip – ten $100 bills.

“I’m totally shocked,” said Jones. “It’s touching.”

The customers who gave her the tip come in once a week on average. They had arranged the gift with the owner a few days ago. What does Jones do to warrant such a generous gift? She’s got such a great attitude and always keeps their coffee and waters full, according to the owner.

“The person shagged me down this morning,” said Richard Walker. “I hadn’t expected it to be a sizeable amount.”

They asked to stay anonymous according to the owner because they want to be able to keep coming in without staff “jumping all over them.”

"Business has been really great and I think it's because of people like Julie Jones who have made us the success we are," said Walker.

"It's a wonderful gift just before the holidays," said Jones. "Thank you to whoever sent it to me."

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